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The Green Build

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Prequalification Link

Thank you for registering for the "Green Build" Terminal Development Program.

In order for your firm to bid work on this project, you will need to download the appropriate prequalification form, fill it out completely and return with the requested attachments to the addresses / email addresses noted on the form.

- Standard Form: 100921 Prequal Long FINAL

If you have previously pre-qualified and you status is expired use the following "Renewal Pre-Qual"

- Renewal Form: 100921 Renewal Form Prequal FINAL

Within 14 days of us receiving your prequalification form complete with all attachments, we will notify you of your qualification status via email, and this status will also be available on the Planet Bids website (for your firm's exclusive access).

Please take the time now to complete this mandatory step so that your firm can take advantage of the numerous contracting opportunities of the Green Build Program. Prequalification is good for one year from the date of approval.

Note: Contractors/Suppliers bidding as tier-subcontractors are not required to fill out a pre-qualification. However, if you do so, you will be included on a separate list as a potential second tier contractor/supplier.

If you have any questions on the process or the form itself, please contact the following:

Sarah Llamas
Turner/PCL/Flatiron JV
Mike Sigman
Kiewit/Sundt JV

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